Tunisia outsourcing

Outsourcing Tunisia is our business

I nfogérance Tunisie  is a service which aims to Outsource the maintenance, monitoring and optimization of the Information System to  an outsourcing specialist. Outsourcing is a strategic solution for companies to ensure the proper functioning of their information system, improve the performance of their activities and achieve financial benefits.

Treakor  assists you in the management of your IS and provides you with effective and innovative Tunisia IT outsourcing solutions in order to have a flexible and scalable infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure both a reduction in IT costs, but also an opening to new perspectives for your business. 


The IT outsourcing solution includes:

Cloud outsourcing

Nowadays, modern companies have made the choice to migrate to the cloud and benefit from its services. This is because these companies do not have the resources to manage their infrastructure internally. This is where Tunisia cloud outsourcing can come in handy.

Cloud outsourcing is the fact of outsourcing your IT, its management and maintenance to an external service provider (example: Google cloud).


Tunisia IT Outsourcing Solution: What objectives?


Outsourcing Tunisia allows,  among other advantages,  companies (SMEs or SMIs) to benefit from the expertise of an outsourcing professional for the management of their information systems (IS). The outsourcer is responsible for maintaining the availability of your infrastructure. It accompanies you throughout the evolution of your IS. This outsourcing of the IS offers the possibility of concentrating on the core business and on more productive operations. In addition, Tunisia IT outsourcing is a service that offers you financial advantages compared to the internal management of the IS. 

In order to offer services adapted to your needs, we offer  three types of services, namely  : on-site outsourcing, remote outsourcing or partial or total outsourcing. Outsourcing Tunisia is also called Outsourcing Tunisia .

Tunisia IT outsourcing:

The daily management of your IT infrastructure takes too much of your time and you want to outsource it to an outsourcing provider? Leave your IT to us and focus on your core business!