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Treakor: Audit Firm and IT Consulting in Tunisia

Treakor has extensive industry experience in Tunisia IT Audit and Consulting , IT Engineering, Data Management and IT Security . This allows us to detect the points that slow down your activity and to put in place the IT solutions best suited to your needs. The objective is to help you better manage your Information System and make the right decisions, thus improving the performance and productivity of your business. 


Why opt for an IT Audit in Tunisia?

The IT Audit Tunisia , provided by an IT Audit and Consulting Firm, includes the analysis of the IT inventory and its IT components, the IT Security Audit, etc. The objective is to have a global view of the availability of the computer system, applications and networks.

  • Assess the IT system and its impact on your business performance.
  • Optimize your Information System (IS)
  • Strengthen IT resilience to improve IT security. 
  • Anticipate future risks related to technical errors.
  • Define parries. 

The stages of an Information System Audit

1. Define the IT Audit framework:

At this stage, our Auditors determine with those responsible for managing the information system, the issues that the audited company faces as well as its needs and objectives. 

2. Audit Existing IT Infrastructure

Our Auditors carry out an inventory of your IT infrastructure to detect its weaknesses and then be able to identify areas for improvement to make your information system more efficient and more secure.

3. Test the computer system

An Auditor can also carry out various tests on your computer system, namely security test, fault simulation, load test, etc.

4. Generate a report detailing the IT asset audit

Our Expert Auditor prepares a complete report detailing the different phases (Analysis, problems that have arisen, possible improvements, etc.) of the IT Audit carried out.

Computer Consulting Tunisia

Treakor,  your IT Consulting firm in Tunisia ,  provides you with IT Consulting experts. They bring you their experience in Consulting to help you solve IT problems and create a certain coherence between the strategy of your SME/SMI and our technological strategy. The approach may aim to create a new computer system or improve the existing one. 

  • Have exact market information and your competitors.  
  • Benefit from a neutral and objective view of external advisers to identify the brakes on your activity. 
  • Easily and quickly solve the most sensitive problems of your business. 
  • Follow the Digital Transformation and the new technologies used (Cloud Computing, machine learning, etc.)
  • Save time by calling on an IT consulting firm in Tunisia. 

Our IT Audit and Consulting offer includes

Audit and IT Consulting Challenges

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In accordance with the ISO 27001 international standard, Treakor helps companies provide an effective IS management and security framework in order to minimize risks and guarantee the availability and proper functioning of the information system.

IT Audit and Consulting in Tunisia:

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