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With digital transformation and accelerating virtualization challenges, theIT infrastructure Tunisia has become an essential element for companies and a real nerve center of their activity. Its role is to give its customers and employees easy, continuous and secure access to the company's applications and data.

what IT Infrastructure? What are the types ofIT infrastructure ? Why IT infrastructure is important? AND how to have a IT infrastructure solid?

What is IT Infrastructure?

I'IT infrastructure is defined as a set of hardware components (workstations, servers, routers, etc.) and software (ERP, CRM, Messaging, etc.) that are used to provide IT services and solutions.

What are the types of IT infrastructure?

In terms of accommodationIT infrastructure, two major solutions are available to companies:

Infrastructure-Cloud and Infrastructure-On-Premise

  • Physical infrastructure, known as On-Premise : The IT infrastructure is hosted on the company's premises. By this choice, the company retains absolute control over its data and applications. On the other hand, it requires an initial investment along with the professional skills to manage the underlying infrastructure.

  • CLOUD infrastructure: In this case, the installation, management and maintenance of the architecture are entrusted to an external service provider. This guarantees better reliability and scalability of services.

Why is IT infrastructure important?

A Informatique infrastructure flexible, reliable and secure can help a business achieve its goals and provide it with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. On the other hand, if an IT infrastructure is not properly implemented, companies can face problems with access, productivity and security.

With a Informatique infrastructure, a company can:

  • Provide a good customer experience by providing continuous access to its data and applications.
  • Develop and launch new solutions on the market.
  • Collect and analyze data in order to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Improve the productivity of its employees.


How to have a solid IT infrastructure?

The IT infrastructure processes business data from collection to storage to use. Its robustness and relevance are therefore essential to meet the specific needs of companies in terms of availability, responsiveness and performance. Here are some steps to consider to achieve this.

Step 1: a robust infrastructure

To have a robust infrastructure, we must focus on the following three aspects:

  • Data storage:  It is therefore essential to opt for sufficient storage capacity.
  • Network: It must be extremely reliable and well dimensioned in order to offer good access performance and avoid any failure that could cause significant financial losses.
  • Processing : In order to process the data that will be used by the company, the latter must be equipped with a powerful operating system.

Step 2: a secure infrastructure

Data loss in business is a major problem today. Regardless of the size of a business, it can be exposed to the risks of cyberattacks. This represents a fairly significant cost and has a negative impact on the image and reputation of the victim companies. It is therefore essential to protect your computer system and data reliably and efficiently. To do this, here are 5 key steps to consider:

  • Raise awareness and train your employees in cybersecurity in order to reduce the human risk, which represents a weak link in the company's security.
  • Ensure that systems and software are updated to minimize the risk of security breaches.
  • Back up sensitive data regularly: You must have several recent backups on different media, in order to restore data quickly in the event of an attack or failure.
  • Improve your organization's protection mechanisms (up-to-date anti-virus, efficient firewall and sophisticated intrusion detection system).
  • Anticipate the risk and prepare for the inevitable.

Step 3: Flexibility of evolution of Tunisia infrastructure

In order for a company to be agile and flexible, it is important to anticipate changes and continuously integrate changes in IT architecture equipment in order to respond to the evolution of its activities.

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