Outsourcing Tunisia: 4 levels of action for incident resolution


Having a healthy IT system (IS) is vital for VSEs and SMEs. The problem, however, is that most Tunisian companies generally do not have the habit or the skills to monitor their IS and resolve any malfunctions that may arise. This is exactly where theOutsourcing Tunisie join the game.

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Outsourcing Tunisia: what is it?

IT outsourcing is a service that aims to outsource the maintenance, monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting of the IS to an IT outsourcing expert.

Levels of action in case of incidents:

In the event of an incident, Treakor your service providerOutsourcing Tunisie, provides you with the following levels of action:

Level of action N°1 of outsourcing Tunisia: Real-time alerts

SMEs and VSEs generally opt forOutsourcing Tunisie to ensure the security of their IS. Thanks to our advanced tools, we can monitor the behavior of your servers and applications, receive an alert in the event of a problem (overload of RAM usage, virus, etc.) and proactively know what action should be taken to resolve this issue that has occurred.  

Action level 2: Computer automation

To secure our customers' IS, we can automate many administration and maintenance tasks, such as application deployment, monitoring, IT infrastructure configuration, security patches, updates, etc. This is to offer immediate and valuable responsiveness and efficiency. 

Action level N°3: Management of security patches

Your company's computer system is made up of a lot of hardware and software that needs security patches to improve its performance, fix security vulnerabilities, deal with malware and consequently prevent malfunctions.

Treakor, your IT Consulting Firm and IT Outsourcing Tunisia, undertakes to put in place all the necessary patches to ensure the security of your IS, reduce its downtime and avoid application failures as much as possible.

Action level N°4  : on-site or remote assistance

In the event of a breakdown or security problem, we undertake to intervene remotely or on site in order to restore the proper functioning of your IS, according to the terms of the interventions (deadlines, scope of interventions, etc.) defined in the contract. ofOutsourcing Tunisie

Depending on the seriousness of the problem, our dedicated technicians intervene remotely or on site:  

On-site support:

In the event of an incident, our dedicated technicians come to your premises as soon as possible to intervene and solve the problems that have arisen. 

Remote Support :

After determining the nature and origin of the failure that has occurred, our technicians take control of your IS remotely to remedy it. They can carry out this process directly on their own or by instructing your collaborators step by step. Among the problems that can be solved in this way, we can mention: the malfunction of the messaging system, microphone failure, an operating system problem, etc. 

Treakor: your Tunisia IT outsourcing partner

Treakor, your IT consulting firm andOutsourcing Tunisie, about high quality IT outsourcing services based on the 4 levels of action listed below. Thanks to our advanced monitoring tools and the expertise of our technicians, we are committed to supporting you, remotely or on site, in order to ensure the proper functioning of your computer system (IS), optimize its performance and allow you to focus on your core business.

In addition to IT outsourcing, Treakor offers other high quality services such asIT Audit and Consulting Tunisia and ISS consulting and integration.

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