Marketing Initiatives to Help Your Consulting Firm Grow in 2020


Tech consulting companies face a range of marketing obstacles in 2020. The most challenging challenges include consistent execution and repetitive lead generation.

If these obstacles are not met, companies will struggle to achieve growth, and sales and profits will stagn up.

This situation results in the possibility of customer concentration, the place where most of your revenue is generated from one or a few customers, 

and fear-based customer retention. You’ll do almost anything to retain the customers you have, even though it just raises the likelihood of customer concentration.

Here are three (3) strategic initiatives that your company is expected to pursue in 2020 to achieve success.

Initiative 1: Building Authority

When you concentrate on creating an authority brand, you have the means to separate yourself from the competition. 

Demonstrating thought leadership and presenting proof that you successfully address the concerns of your customers are two building blocks of authority.

Your business can’t fix all of the issues. It’s harmful to try it out. Concentrate your company’s marketing and distribution efforts on a particular solution area. 

Use your expertise, experience and track record to help you build a position of authority on the market.

In-depth content that guides your customers through the process of solving their problems 

will help you to communicate knowledge and increase the likelihood of discovering solutions when prospects are searching for solutions.

Authority brands and opinion leaders are known and also become synonymous with the solution they offer. 

They regularly use speech activities, podcasts, and guest content postings to educate and inform their audiences.

As you gain traction in building authority, you will need to evaluate your brand. Your brand is like your name, it’s what people say, and they think about your business.

 The implementation of your brand uses a variety of elements to convey the sentiment; color, design, logo, etc. 

As you develop authority, the best practice is to review and update your brand.

Initiative 2: Elevate Your Content

The material is the voice of the strategy and the fuel of the marketing engine. Without content, 

your company will be challenged to achieve your expected development. You need to update your content game to develop in 2020.

You’ve probably heard that your company’s marketing efforts involve content. I imagine that you are fundamentally in agreement. 

But content for the sake of content is not the fuel that drives your development.

Growth needs the content of the authority to be strategically designed and continuously generated.

Growing companies and thought leaders use content in the form of podcast interviews, in-depth video presentations, proprietary analysis, and detailed guides.

This content goes beyond the effort to create awareness. It meets the need for knowledge and education, 

helps to reduce the insecurity of consumers and creates trust.

Material upliftment requires an appreciation of the customer’s path and the customer experience that you want to offer. 

It needs content that you find, communicates your authority to solve the problem of prospects, and guides them in choosing the best firm to engage.

Initiative 3: Mature the Sales Process

You would find it strange that a marketing and firm growth article would encourage the sales process. 

But I assure you that any good tech consulting firm marketing chief would admit that marketing should result in customers, not leads.

The new customer outcomes comprise the sales campaign or the sales team.

Firms are introducing « sales » in a number of ways. It may be the owner or partner-led referral conversions, in-house sales activities, or a dedicated salesperson or team. 

Whatever the implementation, marketing needs to help promote and mature the sales process.

The maturation of the sales process includes recognizing the various steps of the purchaser’s journey and defining the actions and assets that will direct the prospect 

To minimize friction, all items that delay or discourage the purchaser from going forward.

Marketing managers and departments can’t just throw away sales leads and expect them to complete deals successfully. 

Marketing needs to help both the sales staff and the operation. This support includes promotional collateral and tools,

 contact points and content at the right time, support for the creation of initial deals and support for new customers on board.

By working together for mature single-lane (owner) sales tactics and brute force sales tactics, firms can exploit marketing to drive growth.

What are your 2020 Marketing Initiatives?

These three marketing campaigns will help your business expand in 2020. Although concepts can seem to be simple, they are not the same as simple ones. 

Each initiative involves preparation and good management.

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