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  • The market and the requirements:

Tunisian consulting and auditing in the Tunisian market:

The market of IT Consulting / IT Audit is a rich and fundamental market for the business world. Within a company, theIT audit is a basic concept for providing internal control and risk assessment to IT activities. Company managers use the ISS Consulting & Integration to ensure the proper functioning of business processes.
IT consultants from TREAKOR work on a mission for your company and carry out a diagnosis of their information system needs. 


Difference between Consulting and Audit It?

Do not confuse between IT Consulting and IT-Audit. They are two different activities. The IT consultancy aims, in general, to improve the operation and performance of an organization with a possible involvement in the implementation of this improvement after having exercised the Tunisia IT audit.

The main stages of the IT Audit:

  • Analysis of the exact state of your situation.
  • Recommendation and advice on solutions adapted to your needs and your know-how
  •  setting up the IT equipment adapted to your environment and your activity.

We follow you the best solutions as well as the adequate material to reach your objectives, in the respect of the deadlines. TREAKOR you assist in the piloting, the project management of your projects, or we take care of the whole realization while keeping the security of your computer system.

Advanced IT audit Tunisia:

To achieve a advanced IT audit of your project, we base ourselves on knowledge of known good control practices in this field. They are numerous and known by professional project managers TREAKOR. We list a few:

  • The efficiency of the development process.
  • Verification of the effective application of the methodology.
  • A risk assessment should be done at key stages of the project.

audit avancé

Advanced Tunisia IT consulting and auditing is done on several criteria of the equipment requested in the market such as:

  • Servers and roles (Domain, Active Directory, messaging, applications, storage, ...)
  • Workstations (fixed and mobile)
  • Software (office automation, management, business, etc.)
  • Data backups
  • Active physical network (switch, hub, routers, etc.)
  • Wireless network
  • Internet connections • Inter-site connections
  • Passive physical network (cabling and performance, etc.)
  • Interconnections with other equipment (Reprography, telephony, etc.)
  • Access security (Firewall, hard & soft VPN, etc.)
  • Fault tolerance
  • Cloud services
  • Workflow
  • Business continuity / recovery plan
  • Rental agreement

Tunisia consulting and auditing areas:

IT audit and business:

Computing and its technologies are increasingly complex. Leaders need experts (intelligent agents) that help them make the right decisions thanks to a reference document on the state of their Information System at a given time in relation to the state of the art. The implementation of an in-depth analysis of information systems and data makes it possible to understand in detail the sales and revenue recognition cycles in order to identify areas for optimization. Thanks to this analysis, the company can define a Revenue Assurance program, integrated into its processes, in order to limit the risks and monitor the achievement of its objectives using relevant indicators.

The audit of the sales cycle is essentially carried out as follows:

  •  Audit of sales cycle processes and associated internal control and risk management mechanisms.
  •  Review of the income recognition process.
  • Audit of information systems supporting the sales cycle.

audit et business

IT audit and governance:

The leaders leave with a summary of 3 areas of governance:

  • Management axis: the integration of the IT system and the planning of the strategic plan, town planning and architecture in the service of strategic issues, management of the project portfolio oriented towards value creation and risk management.
  • Operational axis: the alignment of IT with business processes and control of project implementation are highlighted in IT consulting and auditing. In addition, there is a strong demand for the provision of IT services piloting external services.
  • Support axis: management control must be ensured in the support favoring transparency, forward-looking management of IT skills, management and performance measurement of the IT and communication system.

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