Which Outsourcing Tunisia solution suits you?

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What is an IT outsourcing Tunisia solution?

The concept of Tunisian outsourcing is very common among IT companies. IT outsourcing makes it possible to take charge of the various resources of a company: its computer equipment, the operation and the securing information system, software and firmware, telecommunications systems and the computer network.
In other words, an IT Tunisia outsourcing solution is a delegation to an external service provider, that you trust, of the optimization and management of the entire information system of a company. An IT Tunisia outsourcing solution aims to let you focus on your main business and have a high-performance computer system. TREAKOR offers solutions forOutsourcing Tunisia according to your needs and your budget, regardless of total or partial outsourcing of your IT network and its maintenance.

Which IT Tunisia outsourcing solution suits you?

To benefit from an outsourcing solution Tunisia, you must guarantee:

  • Cost control.
  • Contribution of technical skills.
  • High availability.
  • Solutions to the requested problems.
  • Focus on your own activities.
  • Benefit from the expertise of a service provider.

A malfunction or breakdown in your information system could paralyze your business, which is why, TREAKOR develops several tailor-made offers for you to avoid this case.

What are the services of an IT Tunisia outsourcing solution?

IT service outsourcing:

In this case, it is a total outsourcing contract. You benefit from a real outsourced IT system. We take care of the management of your computers, your software, your servers, the backup of your data (back-up and security). This is our most complete IT outsourcing solution that covers your entire architecture.

Maintenance and IT support:

TREAKOR is entirely at your disposal with these powerful tools (ticketing) which will notify us permanently and instantly of all incoming requests. With TREAKOR, you benefit from a specific interlocutor who would always be listening of all your IT requests.
It is also necessary to bring advice to our customers who are probably experiencing a technical request. This is why TREAKOR has a telephone service to meet all your requirements and provide assistance to help you.

Outsourcing of servers:

We also work on the outsourcing of your computer servers. Our expertise gradually guarantees the reliability of your servers by respecting certain principles and certain standards. In addition, we ensure the scalability, integrity and high availability of the hardware equipment. For some platforms, these criteria are crucial to avoid any incident in the event of progress and the rise of activities. Scalability, for example, is the ability of a computing device to adapt to demands. That is to say, our specialists seek at all times to increase this capacity according to the needs of the users.

We master different technologies, from workstation management to server supervision, which allow us to ensure efficiency on your physical architectures or in the cloud. Our goal is to provide you with an IT system that suits your requirements and needs. You are fully capable of challenging your IT system.

An efficient and efficient IS and a company in itself that has the right application tools is able to cope with any development.

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