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Business is where IT solutions can help achieve the desired goals. But, it can be difficult to build a digital transformation strategy. It’s a time when IT consulting comes to the rescue. So, what is IT consulting ?

What is IT Consulting?

It has a key role in the internal organization of Tunisian companies.  It’s involves services that creates consistency between the company’s strategy and its technology strategy.


What is an IT Consulting firm?

Usually, when Tunisian companies need expertise or advice on their trade, they turn to an IT experts that provide them with their experience, knowledge and suitable IT solutions to help them resolve IT issues. The process may be aimed at creating a new computer system or improving the existing one.


Main IT consulting services:

The services provided by IT consulting firms generally include:

  • Security consulting
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Cloud services
  • Application building
  • Software training
  • Digital transformation
  • Big data
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence

Key advantages of IT Consulting services:

Among the main advantages of opting for IT consulting services we can mention:

Boost productivity and Focus on Your Core Business:

Engaging the IT services of an IT consultant allows internal staff to be more productive, focus on what they do best and on income-generating activities.

Competitive Edge

Hiring an IT consulting firm, which has experts and knowledgeable in the field, will increase your chances to stay competitive among other players in your field. These experts are attached to the real world of emerging technologies and master the latest trend technologies, which help you improve your business performance and stand out from your competition.

Solve the most sensitive issues

Hiring IT experts helps solve your business’s most sensitive issues and support your decisions.

Save time and resources

Hiring an in-house expert requires a long process (recruitment and training). On the other hand, hiring IT experts that have the expertise, capabilities, tools and experience is surely the best solution that allows you to save time and productivity.


Treakor supports you in the management of your business and provides you with experience, advice, tools and innovative outsourcing solutions adapted to your structures. You can consult our expertise and contact us if you plan to make changes to your information system to bring it in line with technological developments and market growth.

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