Outsourcing Tunisia: Definition, benefits and risks

Introduction :

The information system of companies is an essential component of their performance and their competitiveness. It allows them to collect, analyze, store and protect all the data necessary for their activity by using an organized set of resources (staff, hardware, software, etc.). Nowadays, the digital transformation is accelerating and the need for expertise of companies in the management of information systems is growing. This is where theOutsourcing Tunisie presents itself as a strategic solution for companies to ensure the proper functioning of their information system, improve the performance of their activities and achieve financial benefits.


THE'IT outsourcing Tunisia is the delegation of the management, operation and security of a company's information system to a specialized external service provider.


A service providerOutsourcing Tunisie can be responsible, mainly, for:

  • Correction of anomalies observed in the IT equipment (hardware failures, backup and restoration, renewal of old equipment, etc.).

  • Administration of the operating system (update, databases, middleware, etc.).

  • Information system security (managing access rights, saving data, monitoring alerts, prohibiting intrusion attempts on the information system, etc.).


There are several types of outsourcing that a company can set up according to its needs and budget. Among the main ones we find:



  • GLOBAL INFOGERANCE : The entire management of the information system (infrastructures and applications) is entrusted to an external service provider.

  • PARTIAL INFOGERANCE: One or more of the services mentioned below are entrusted to an external service provider.

    • INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE: In this type of outsourcing, the service provider will take care of the maintenance in operational condition (MCO) of the information system infrastructure (management of backup and restoration solutions, implementation of storage solutions, supervision of network equipment, etc.)

    •  THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE EXLOITATION SYSTEM (OS): Unlike infrastructure outsourcing, which can be summarized in the management of hardware equipment, OS outsourcing concerns the intangible part, such as the management of updates to operating systems and databases as well as the development and middleware management etc.

    •  APPLICATIVE INFOGERANCE: Application outsourcing services consist of ensuring the proper functioning of applications hosted on physical servers or those hosted remotely on Cloud servers.

4. What type of IT outsourcing to choose?

To choose the type of outsourcing adapted to your needs, it is necessary to ask yourself the following good questions :

  • What are the needs of the business? Take stock of your needs and choose a provider who will be able to provide the best possible service adapted to these needs.
  • What is your budget ? Determine the type of contract you want (unlimited package or according to the number of hours, etc.) and request a quote to be able to compare the different offers and make your choice according to the services taken into account and their price.

5. What are the benefits of outsourcing?

By opting for IT outsourcing in Tunisia, a company can:

  • Gain in performance : by calling on outsourcing specialists with appropriate and advanced technical skills.
  • Win time : the company can devote itself fully to its core business without needing to manage IT issues.
  • Limit costs : Reduce management fees and related charges.
  • Improve your brand image after your partners, following technological developments.
  • Secure your data: Security is crucial in dealing with failures, cyber attacks and the financial scams that can result from them. In this regard, any outsourcing service sets up a data backup, so that it can be easily recovered if necessary.

6. What are the risks associated with IT outsourcing

THE'Outsourcing Tunisia is a solution that can be very effective. You just need to do a complete study beforehand to choose your outsourcing partner well and avoid the problems that may appear later. Among the problems that can be encountered by companies, we can mainly mention:

  • The loss of control over their data and the management of their IS.
  • Non-compliance with the specifications (delay in solving problems, objectives lower than expected, etc.) 

7. How to choose your Outsourcing Tunisia partner?

Before choosing your partner, you must define precise specifications indicating not only your expectations, but also all the important details that must be mentioned from the start, such as the type of service (basic or tailor-made), the budget allocated, the number of dedicated servers, etc. Once your specifications have been defined, a few criteria are essential for choosing the service provider who can provide you with a high-performance and efficient outsourcing solution. Among these criteria, your service provider must be able to provide you with:

  • A variety of formulas offered and innovative solutions to meet your needs.
  • A security audit to anticipate any problems that may arise.
  • Reliable intervention in the event of failure or breakdown.
  • An effective development strategy for your IS.
  • Clear reports specifying incidents, interventions, time spent as well as the tools and measures put in place.

Taking all these points into account, you will be able to choose a reliable outsourcing service provider that best meets your needs and that allows you to develop without worrying about aspects related to computer security or others.


Outsourcing is an effective way to improve the productivity of your business. For this, it is necessary to leave it in the hands of professionals. Treakor accompanies you in the management of your information system and provides you with advice and innovative outsourcing solutions adapted to your structures. You can consult our expertise and U.S contact if you plan to make changes to your information system to bring it in line with technological developments and market growth.

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