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Treakor: SSI Tunisia Integration Expert

TREAKOR offers Consulting and SSI Integration services, tailor-made IT production according to your requirements and specifications. The objective is to optimize your activities and meet your real needs. The experience of our consultants helps us to create applications that integrate with your information system, while paying particular attention to data security, which requires a security audit of your information system (Audit ISS).


TREAKOR can intervene as a Project Owner or even as a Project manager

Assistance for project management [MOA]

TREAKOR assists MOA in fulfilling its responsibilities (in delegation). By carrying out activities by implementing the means and skills to achieve its objectives, particularly in the business sector. Our seasoned and licensed project management experts will serve as a bridge between the client and the project team and achieve the goals in ISS Integration.

Subject mastery [MOE]

At MOE, TREAKOR has outsourcing expertise and technical skills covering system infrastructure, network, database and security elements, and can become the technical team for project implementation or even commissioning project work. It will provide high value-added support to your technical team.

ISS Consulting & Integration:

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