How to choose your Tunisian outsourcer?


Call on a Tunisia outsourcer to manage your company's IT equipment or network is not a decision to be taken lightly. So how to choose a tunisian outsourcer reliable and efficient? Treakor has listed for you some crucial criteria that must be respected by your outsourcing provider.  


Definition and benefits of outsourcing

In short, outsourcing is the outsourcing of the management and maintenance of a company's Information System to an outsourcer in Tunisia in order to ensure optimal control and meet the current and future needs of SMEs. To achieve this objective, an outsourcer must meet your expectations and provide you with reliable and quality outsourcing services.

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How to choose the right outsourcing provider in Tunisia

As with any call on an external third party, it is important to ask yourself key questions and follow the following simple rules:

1 – Identify your outsourcing needs

Everything related to IT infrastructure management, cloud services, server management, is outsourceable and can therefore be outsourced. To do this, start by identifying the essential needs to work, the tasks that you cannot manage internally, the tasks that you do not want to entrust to an outsourcing company... Make things clear by also integrating the perspectives of your activity such as the opening of a new market, growing needs, etc.


2 – Identify the players in the sector (reliable outsourcers in tunisia)

Don't rush to research outsourcers and rely on all kinds of information sources: reviews on social networks, word of mouth, etc. Then, after having determined a list of restricted outsourcing service providers, launch your investigation, ask for precise quotes and compare the different offers in relation to your specifications.


3 – Choose an outsourcer on a human scale

It's time to choose the Tunisian outsourcer who will have all the valuable data of your company in his hands. Choose an outsourcing company on a human scale to have permanent help and rapid intervention, especially in the event of crisis situations (computer failure, hardware failure, network interruption, etc.) which can have serious consequences for your business. .


4- Choose a Tunisia outsourcer nearby:

In general, companies often look for outsourcers close to them to come on site to analyze their IS, listen to their issues, understand their needs and identify areas for improvement. Things that can't be done remotely. For this, it is essential to choose an outsourcing service provider with an agency close to your company, to establish a privileged relationship, based on proximity.

Treakor: your outsourcer Tunisia

Treakor is the No. 1 outsourcing company in Tunisia. Listening, transparency and trust represent the basis of our business. Our in-depth experience in professional fields makes our experts effective collaborators capable of helping you gain in productivity and agility. We provide you with a range of services, namely theIt outsourcing, ISS Consulting & Integration, IT Consulting, etc. Our goal is to put you in step with technological evolution and market growth.

For 24/7 monitoring of your computer equipment, an availability rate of 99% and rapid intervention, choose Treakor!  

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