What are the criteria for choosing an IT consulting firm?

In the professional world, the market for IT consulting Tunisia is experiencing unprecedented growth. 
What really is an IT consulting firm? what are its missions? And how do you choose the right IT consulting firm?

What is an IT Tunisia consulting firm?


He is in fact an external professional, recognized for his expertise in the IT field, providing you with a whole team of specialized consultants who will provide you with support, advice and recommendations in order to improve current and future performance of your business.

What are the missions of an IT Tunisia consulting firm?

  • Establish a complete diagnosis of the current situation of your business.
  • Obtain information on the market and on your competitors.
  • Write and implement an action plan that best suits the needs of the business.
  • Support or lead the change to new technologies (Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, etc.).
  • Report on the progress of the work.
  • Evaluate the results.

Why do companies use an IT Tunisia consulting firm?

A company can call on an IT consulting firm if it lacks expertise in a field and it needs external expertise to solve its problems, achieve its objectives and strengthen its position near its customers.

Here are the reasons why companies use an IT Tunisia consulting firm:

  • Provide information
    Perhaps the most common reason for seeking help from a consulting firm is to get accurate and up-to-date information. This requires studies of the market or the competitive structure of a company, attitude surveys, feasibility and cost studies, etc.
  • Benefit from an external and objective perspective
    A company may lack objectivity to look at itself very critically and identify its problems, analyze them and solve them. On the contrary, external consultants have a neutral and objective outlook that allows them to spot and speak openly and more quickly about real problems that are holding back your business.
  • Solve the most sensitive issues
    Using consultants helps solve the most sensitive issues in your business and supports your decisions.
  • Be at the cutting edge of technology
    An IT consulting firm can help you use Big DATA technologies, Cloud Computing and machine learning algorithms that offer you greater efficiency in processing your data.
  • Optimize time
    Hiring an in-house expert requires a long process (recruitment and training). On the other hand, using an IT consulting firm that has the expertise, the capacities, the tools and the experience, is surely the best solution which allows you to save time and productivity.
  • To save money
    Hiring an in-house consultant and training him represents a real cost for the company. With an external service provider, you get rid of operating costs and overhead for getting the job done and you only pay when you need it.

How to choose the right law firm in Tunisia?


It is necessary to choose a good IT consulting firm in Tunisia, specialized in the sector of activity and who is used to working with companies of a similar size. He must offer you solutions and put in place the technologies that will best meet the needs of your business. For this to happen, you have to choose your practice while basing yourself on the following 4 criteria:

  • The know-how
    The IT consulting firm you choose should have the experience, skills and in-depth knowledge of technological innovations to carry out its mission and meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Good interpersonal skills
    If you have the choice between several, it is therefore preferable to choose the IT consulting firm with a professional whose personality is similar to yours and who you feel comfortable with him and who knows how to listen and communicate with you and your customers. In this way, your collaboration can give a positive result.
  • Creativity and innovation
    The consulting firm must also be innovative by relying on a strategy and technologies that go beyond traditional models and differentiate them from other firms.

  • The cost
    Take stock of the services you need and request several quotes. Beware of very tempting offers which often hide expertise or reduced availability and choose the provider who meets all your needs exactly at a fair price

Are you ready to choose your IT consulting firm?

Treakor, your Tunisian IT consulting firm, is the perfect example. He has the experience and know-how to face potential obstacles and will overcome them easily. You can entrust him with difficult tasks in peace and concentrate on your core business.

You can consult our services and U.S contact if you need support throughout your project and plan to change your structure to adapt it to technological developments and market growth.

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