Tunisia IT audit: 4 steps to audit your information system


a IT audit Tunisia is an essential step to provide your company with a detailed analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, allowing the identification of areas that require additional development. For this, it is preferable to entrust the IT Audit of your company to professionals. The latter undertake to audit your IS, define the issues and implement good troubleshooting, maintenance and security practices.

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The stages of an IT Audit

1. Define a framework for the IT Audit to be carried out

To carry out a IT audit Tunisia, an expert needs to first determine the needs and objectives of the business. To do this, a meeting with the employees responsible for IS management is essential to discuss the issues facing the company, identify needs and propose areas for improvement.

2. Analyze network infrastructure

The expert must carry out an inventory of all that exists. This is to detect the weaknesses of your IT infrastructure and to be able to subsequently identify areas for improvement and actions to be implemented to make your system more efficient, secure and economical.

3. Test your computer system

The auditor should also test your system and examine the different aspects of it through different tests, namely: security test, load test, security attempt, failure simulation, etc.

4. Generate a detailed report

The realization of an IT Audit is really done through a complete report, written by the agent in charge of the audit. This report details the various analyzes carried out, the problems observed and finally the possible improvements. The auditor must also define in this report the financial and human resources necessary to carry out these improvements.

Warning ! The report should not be purely technical. It must include clarifications to be more clear and understandable especially for people who are not IT professionals.


Did you know ?

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THE'IT audit is an important act to analyze and improve the existing IT infrastructure. Don't be afraid to do an IT audit, because it gives you the opportunity to know where you really stand. It is also an opportunity to develop your work practices and therefore improve your productivity. Without an audit, you will not know what changes need to be made so that your IS adapts to the requirements of your business and the market.

One last piece of advice: “Prevention is better than cure”. Through this quote we want to tell you that theIT audit is a preventive measure that must be done when everything is going well and not when problems arise. This is to prevent and prevent cyberattacks and failures and therefore avoid any loss of data.

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