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Audit It Tunisia East at the heart of business IT services. The IT audit is often perceived as a key step that allows you to have a global view of your company's IT infrastructure: are there faults or malfunctions? Do you have a reliable and secure information system (IS) and all the essential tools to properly manage your business? So your Tunisia IT Consulting Firm will be based on an IT audit to provide you with a realistic business plan, adapted to your means and the size of your company.

What is a Tunisia IT Audit?

IT audit Tunisia consists of analyzing all or part of your IT structure, evaluating the risks (operational, financial, etc.) associated with a company's IT and administrative activities and making recommendations for improvement. The IT audit thus combines technical control and IT advice, which will be presented by the IT expert in charge of the IT audit in order to improve the performance of a company.

What are the axes concerned by an IT Audit Tunisia?


Technical axis 

Once the Audit It is launched, your IT service provider will assess all of the existing equipment (computers, servers, network, etc.). The aging of your equipment and any shortcomings highlighted by questioning end users are also taken into consideration. In addition, the IT audit also allows you to take stock of your software: are they licensed? Do you have the latest updates that will save you time and productivity? etc  

On the other hand, special attention will be paid to the security aspect to detect potential vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. The goal is to protect your business against cyber attacks.

Finally, your Tunisian IT service provider will ensure the confidentiality of your data, which today is an essential prerequisite for all companies.

Human axis 

The auditor is also responsible for determining the needs of your company following interviews with your employees. This is an important step in understanding current practices and identifying the future expectations and needs of the people who make up your business.

Organizational axis

The auditor studies the feasibility of the project according to the current budget and predefined needs.

Starting from these three axes mentioned above, the IT expert will be able to provide you with a detailed Tunisia audit report, highlighting what works well, what needs to be improved as well as the most appropriate solutions to lead to the company's IT audit well and achieve the objectives defined upstream.

Why is an IT Tunisia Audit necessary?

IT audit Tunisia is necessary for:

  • Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your IT.
  • Evaluate the backup and protection of your data.
  • React proactively, by setting up an action plan containing best practices that allow you to evolve your IT infrastructure.
  • Optimize and improve the Information System (IS)
  • Make the best strategic decisions
  • Boost your growth.

NB: Call for a solution ofOutsourcing Tunisie or outsourcing or other, always requires the completion of an IT Audit beforehand.


IT audit Tunisia remains an essential step for companies wishing to protect their information system and data and improve their productivity. 

In this context, it is advisable to call on an external IT service provider, such as Treakor, to perform this intervention and benefit from a neutral perspective, a reliable overview and in-depth technical knowledge.

At Treakor, we bring you our expertise and our rigor to guide and advise you in your strategic choices, while offering you recommendations adapted to your challenges and your needs.

We invite you to us contact within the short time.

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