Call on an IT consulting firm in Tunisia – Why?


The service of IT Consulting Tunisia is based on a global vision of IT solutions coupled with expertise in business management. An IT consulting firm is made up of a number of advisers recognized for their expertise in the IT field. They are committed to providing the IT advice and recommendations businesses need to improve their current and future performance.


Treakor: your IT consulting firm in Tunisia

Treakor advisors are always on hand to provide the IT advice and solutions you need to improve and grow your business.

What is IT consulting?

the IT Consulting plays a key role in the internal organization of Tunisian companies. This is a range of services that aims to establish good management and security of your computer system. The use of an IT consulting firm creates a certain coherence between the company's strategy and its technological strategy.

Services of an IT consulting firm

IT Consulting is an area that encompasses:

  • Audit of the existing information system.
  • Management of computer equipment, servers, networks and infrastructures.
  • Installation and installation of software.
  • Installation of computer stations and a network.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Security, encryption, adapted protection solutions.
  • User training, technical support.

> A full range of services for which companies need a real expert.

IT consulting firm challenges:

Thanks to their valuable IT advice, a consulting firm will allow you to:

  • Focus on your core business.
  • Benefit from personalized support.
  • Master the latest technologies.
  • Benefit from real decision support
  • Increase your productivity
  • Stay competitive in your field of activity.
  • Solve the most sensitive problems that may arise.
  • Save time and resources

What process does an IT Tunisia consulting firm follow?

1- Planning and identifying scope

This step consists of drawing the limits and identifying the relevant functionalities. Once the scope is defined, first drafts are prepared for deployment. To do this, it is necessary to go through cost planning, the identification of sales strategies, the distribution of manpower, etc.

2- System design and execution

This step involves implementing and executing the identified scope and keeping an eye on the end goal.

3- Maintenance and Support

The follow-up of the work produced and the support determine the success of the project. For this, it is necessary to identify effective means, improvisations and continuous improvements to constantly increase the scalability of the project.


IT network security consultancy

In the era of digital development, IT has taken on paramount importance at the heart of the production system of companies. It is therefore necessary to think first of all about optimizing the security of your computer network, in order to maintain the proper functioning of the company's activities. The ideal would therefore be to rely on the advice and recommendations of a consulting firm. IT Consulting. Treakor, your IT consulting firm, provides you with experts who will answer all your questions and deliver effective solutions to anticipate risks and prevent your data or applications from being accessible to unauthorized persons.

IT consulting in Tunisia:

Treakor, your IT consulting firm, is made up of a team of advisers known for their availability and ability to listen. They support you throughout your IT project and provide you with the solutions best suited to your objectives. On the agenda: Improving performance and generating satisfactory results.

Apart from their expertise in IT consulting, our advisers can perfectly intervene in other fields of activity, namely theAudit It, project management,IT outsourcing, ISS consulting and integration

We invite you to us contact for any request relating to your information system.

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