What is Computer Maintenance in Tunisia?


The Computer Maintenance Tunisia is to ensure the proper functioning of the information system (IS) and IT computer park (servers, applications, business software, networks, etc.) from a company. IT Maintenance can be delegated to a Computer Maintenance Company (or also called Computer Engineering and Services Company (SSI)). The latter can carry out its services of On-site maintenance of the company or remotely (remote maintenance).

Computer Maintenance Services:

  • IT audit and consulting : Information system audit, technology watch, training for your teams, etc.
  • Implementation of IT solutions: Propose innovative solutions aimed at improving the existing information system.
  • Computer system administration: installation and supervision of servers, network installation, administration of firewalls, backup solutions, etc.
  • Computer equipment maintenance: Maintenance of client workstations, printers, photocopies, software installation, etc.

Computer Maintenance Contract in Tunisia


The role of the maintenance contract is to set the scope of intervention of the specialized company and will thus specify the following elements:

Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance or Evolutionary Maintenance?

  • Corrective maintenance : To repair problems that have arisen and to restore a machine that has suffered a breakdown or a computer attack to working order.
  • Preventive maintenance : This type of maintenance is carried out upstream of any breakdown and consists of carrying out a general and regular diagnosis of the computer equipment in order to avoid machine failures and extend their lifespan.
  • The Maintenance scalable: This kind of maintenance aims to improve the system computer science through new technologies, with the aim of improving its performance.

The combination of these three types is the best way to ensure the proper functioning and continuity of the computer system.

The service provider's intervention methods

A performance of Computer maintenance can be done in many ways, the best known of which are:

  • Remote intervention: This intervention is carried out by telephone, by e-mail or also via technologies making it possible to remotely control the computer equipment and to solve the problem that has arisen.

  • On-site intervention :  This intervention is carried out on company premises and consists of solving problems that cannot be solved remotely, such as hardware failures, etc.

  • Maintenance outsourcing : In the context of complete outsourcing of maintenance, the service provider takes charge of all the elements of the company's computer system and the latter will no longer need to have computer equipment on its premises.

Other mandatory information in the maintenance contract:

Beyond the scope of intervention and the method of intervention, the contract must include other mandatory information, namely the name of IT service provider, the legal form, the terms of payment, the duration of the contract, the clauses of liability, etc.

7 good reasons to opt for IT maintenance

  1. Don't worry about IT anymore
  2. Devoting oneself entirely to the main activity of the company.
  3. Benefit from the expertise of your IT service provider.
  4. Get answers to all your questions and solutions to any problems that may arise.
  5. Take advantage of rapid incident response.  
  6. Better availability of your Informatique infrastructure.
  7. Save money on your budget.

Treakor: Computer Maintenance Company in Tunisia

Treakor provides you with computer technicians and experts ready to audit your computer equipment and offer you innovative solutions that meet your current and future needs. Treakor offers a range of IT services, namely theit outsourcing, ISS Consulting and Integration, IT consulting and auditing, etc

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