The 5 phases of an information system audit

a IT audit Tunisia allows you to acquire an exhaustive view of the strengths and weaknesses of your IS at a given time. It is a preventive measure allowing you to avoid any loss of data, prevent external attacks and prevent breakdowns. For this, it is preferable to rely on information system audit professionals in Tunisia who will be able to accompany you throughout this process.

The objectives of the information system audit

  • Focus on the efficiency, performance, sustainability and security of the information system, in comparison with the strategic objectives of the company.
  • Propose effective and adequate solutions to the needs of the company.
  • Reduce unjustified costs related to the information system.
  • Conform the information system with legal obligations.
  • Optimize the security of the information system.

The 5 phases of the information system audit

#1 – Planning the Audit Information System

The objective of the preparation is to identify the scope of the information system audit mission, to clarify its challenges according to the needs of your company.

#2 – Organize interviews

This step consists of studying the documents made available, planning interviews with those responsible for IS management within your company and carrying out an inventory which aims to test your information system (security test, a breakdown simulation, etc.), in order to identify its weaknesses and the possible risks it faces.  

#3 – The restitution of the results in a clear and concise manner

Based on the information system audit reports, resulting from the interviews carried out and the studies of the documents provided, it is time to identify the areas for improvement and to put in place a whole action plan containing the steps to be carried out by priority.

#4 – Write a report

The performance of an information system audit is embodied in a report comprising the various findings and analyzes carried out.

This report must list in detail the problems observed, present recommendations aimed at improving the network as well as specifications comprising the functional needs of the company, the concrete tasks to be applied and the allocated budget.

#5 – Implementation of recommendations

As the name suggests, this phase involves applying the improvements necessary to meet the needs of the business.

THE'IT audit Tunisia is therefore the ideal solution for companies wishing to protect their information system as well as their precious data.

Carrying out an information system audit requires in-depth technical knowledge. At the house of Treakor, your computer inventory Tunisia, we bring you our expertise to assess and strengthen the performance and security of your information system. We will put at your disposal a competent and multidisciplinary team capable of carrying out the Tunisia IT audit of your company and of bringing it credibility. Our goal is for you to achieve your performance and development goals.

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