Cloud outsourcing: Fundamental solution for business growth in Tunisia


THE'Cloud outsourcing (Managed cloud) is one of the most beneficial solutions for business growth in Tunisia. Indeed, SMBs do not have to manage physical servers themselves or run software on their own machines. Most of them choose tooutsource their information system for various reasons such as reducing the cost of hardware and maintenance, concentrating on the core business, etc.

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Outsourcing, what is it exactly?

THE'IT Outsourcing Tunisia consists of outsourcing all or part of a company's information system to an external service provider. There are therefore two types of IT outsourcing such as:

  • Outsourcing Tunisie is a service which aims to outsource the maintenance, monitoring and optimization of the Information System to an outsourcing specialist. It is presented as a strategic solution for companies to ensure the proper functioning of their information system, improve the performance of their activities and achieve financial benefits.Global outsourcing : The outsourcing of the entire information system (infrastructure, hardware and applications) to an external third party.
  • Partial outsourcing (also called Application outsourcing) : Only part of your company's information system management is outsourced. The company must therefore define the field of intervention of external inventory.  

Cloud Computing, what is it exactly?

the Cloud computing offers resources (servers, network, storage, software) on demand via the internet. These resources are offered by cloud service providers (example: Microsoft Azure, Amazon, etc.).


The Managed Cloud, what is it exactly?


THE'IT outsourcing and the cloud are two concepts that complement each other perfectly to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

the Managed cloud (Cloud Sourcing) is a very useful solution for companies that do not want to have a On-site infrastructure (on-site) and who do not have the necessary resources to manage particular tasks in-house. This solution thus consists of outsourcing the management of IT resources, leased from a cloud provider, has a external outsourcer. This allows SMEs to focus on their core business and optimize their IT costs up to 25% on average.

Good to know: The choice of outsourcer must be done with care.

Why Cloud Managed Services?

Most Tunisian companies do not have the material or financial resources to have an on-site infrastructure and dedicated personnel. By opting for thecloud outsourcing, companies can now benefit from a tailor-made infrastructure that will perfectly meet the requirements of their activities.  


Types of cloud outsourcing

The services ofCloud outsourcing vary depending on your business needs:

  • Infrastructure outsourcing : Maintain the proper functioning of the infrastructure.
  • Application outsourcing : Maintain the proper functioning of the applications (CMS, e-commerce application, etc.) defined in the outsourcing contract.
  • User outsourcing : The objective is to offer customer support in order to resolve minor incidents that may occur such as: mismanagement of applications by employees, failures related to operating systems, etc.

Cloud outsourcing challenges

  • Guarantees: By outsourcing your infrastructure, you will obtain guarantees in terms of availability, security and confidentiality.

  • Cost optimization: using a cloud outsourcing provider will cost less than hiring dedicated staff.
  • Surveillance : Your infrastructure will be monitored 24/7 by your Cloud Provider. The aim is to remedy irregularities or traffic spikes before they occur.

  • Instant updates: the cloud service provider will be responsible for the immediate installation of available software updates or security patches.

  • Security : Security will be checked regularly by certified experts ISO27001.

  • Cloud backup: By choosing managed cloud hosting, backups of your infrastructure will be made automatically in the cloud.

  • Followed : be aware of what is happening (your resource consumption, incidents that have occurred, etc.).

Cloud outsourcing scope: how to define it?

Several criteria can determine the scope ofIT outsourcing:

  • The size of your team.
  • The people skills you have and the ones you need.  
  • The outsourcing budget.
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