Application outsourcing: Entrust your business applications to an outsourcer


What is application outsourcing? 

Application outsourcing (application outsourcing or third-party application maintenance) is one of the main types ofIT outsourcing. It designates the delegation of deployment, management, maintenance and development of business applications or work software of a company (outsourced) to an expert service provider in IT outsourcing (outsourced). This software can be hosted on physical company servers or on cloud servers.

Application outsourcing services are generally offered by outsourcing or hosting companies.  


Why choose application outsourcing? 

  • Improved performance: improve the efficiency of software and software packages (ERP) and maintain the desired level of performance.
  • Cost reduction : Reduce costs related to the deployment, management and updating of applications, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies by the outsourcer.
  • Flexibility and scalability: An outsourcer is responsible for improving the company's applications to meet technological developments and new business needs.
  • Security : Maintain a good level of application security by performing the necessary analyzes and correcting flaws and bugs on a regular basis.
  • Better use of resources: The company can better focus on its core business and thus gain in productivity by outsourcing the management of their applications to a third party.

Who is affected by application outsourcing?

Any company, SME or SMI, can benefit from application outsourcing. However, this type of IT outsourcing is particularly useful for companies whose operation depends heavily on their business applications, and which do not have enough human resources, time and tools to do it themselves. 

How to choose your application outsourcing partner?

Application outsourcing can significantly improve the performance of your business, provided you choose the right partner. The latter must have a good reputation on the market, good interpersonal skills, in-depth knowledge of good outsourcing practices and technological innovations to achieve the objectives set in the outsourcing contract.  

Benefit from the expertise of "Treakor" in outsourcing

As experts in IT outsourcing in Tunisia, we help companies improve the efficiency of their business applications and work software. You can therefore call on our experts if you want to make changes to your information system to bring it into line with technological developments and market competition. We use the innovative tools necessary to allow you to gain in productivity and agility.

Our services :

  • Support and monitoring of applications and the underlying infrastructure.
  • Preventive, corrective, and evolutionary maintenance of your ERP, CRM or website.
  • Updating software to adapt to your new needs
  • Technological monitoring are our responsibility.

Our approach :

We start by discovering the business applications of the company as well as the documents essential to the implementation of the project. Then, we proceed to the audit of your information system in order to detect the problems which slow down your activity and to set up good practices of maintenance and security. Then, we start maintenance to correct all the anomalies identified or/and integrate new functionalities according to the needs of our client. Finally, we provide training for your employees to enable them to better master the updates made to your software.

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