Outsourcing Tunisie

Outsourcing Tunisie is an effective way to improve the productivity of your business. For this, it is necessary to leave it in the hands of professionals. Treakor, your IT Tunisian Outsourcing Company, supports you in the management of your information system and provides you with IT advice and innovative Outsourcing solutions.

ISS Consulting & Integration

Recognized for its expertise in ISS Consulting & Integration, Treakor provides you with experienced professionals who can provide you with strategic support, IS diagnostics & audits, IT advice and recommendations to improve the current and future performance of your company in Tunisia.

Consulting and SSI integration in Tunisia

Treakor, your Tunisia IT Consulting Firm, undertakes to analyze your information system according to
security requirements and the area of activity concerned. The objective is to test its resistance
attacks and to offer advice and solutions tailored to your needs.

Treakor, your Outsourcing Expert in Tunisia

With a team of passionate experts who share common values and beliefs about IT, Treakor works in collaboration with companies from all sectors of activity, from insurance to banking and industry. We commit ourselves to meet their business challenges and support them in the development of their business and their digitalization process.

Treakor provides you with a range of IT services such as: IT Consulting, IT Audit, IT Outsourcing Tunisie, ISS Consulting & Integration, etc.

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Treakor: Why opt for our ISS consulting and integration service?

IT Audit, IT Consulting, Outsourcing, ISS Consulting & Integration ...

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